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Who is SiscoVanilla

Who Am I

I'm a career bar worker who started from the bottom to become a bartender in NYC. I just celebrated my first year back behind the stick at the end of October.  Man, time sure does fly by. 

😲  😲  😲 I know, right?

Where Can I Be Found

I'm behind the stick at Finn's Corner (660 Washington Avenue, corner of Bergen Street, Brooklyn NY 347-663-9316) in Prospect Heights every Tuesday Night.

Swing on by for some awesome sports, conversation and laughs with some amazing people.

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I also focus on cocktail history, their social significance and I do quite a bit of home cocktailing in order to improve my craft. 

You can find me at Facebook, Google+, Instagram, my new IG-TV Channel, Twitter with the handle @SiscoVanilla

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