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Who is SiscoVanilla

Who Am I

I'm a career bar worker who started from the bottom to become a bartender in NYC. I just celebrated my first year back behind the stick at the end of October.  

And now I've made the climb to becoming a full-time bar worker, spending four nights a week at Finn's Corner.  It's been a long time coming.

😲  😲  😲 I know, right?

Where Can I Be Found

aI'm behind the stick at Finn's Corner (660 Washington Avenue, corner of Bergen Street, Brooklyn NY 347-663-9316) in Prospect Heights every Tuesday  and Wednesday Nights. 

I'll also be doing my best Humphrey Bogart impersonation as Rick from Casablanca while working the floor on Friday and Saturday nights.  

Swing on by for some awesome sports, conversation and laughs with some amazing people.

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I also focus on cocktail history, their social significance and I do quite a bit of home cocktailing in order to improve my craft.  I also like focus on cocktail and spirits references that come across in the movies  tjhat we love to watch.

You can find me at Facebook, Google+, Instagram, my new IG-TV Channel, Twitter with the handle @SiscoVanilla

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